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Forum topics

Covid 19 Discussion 2021

This discussion is based on work done by a group of CSOs asking ‘What part might Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), particularly those working closely with local communities, play in the long-term response to and recovery from COVID-19? ‘  You are welcome to contribute to this important discussion.

COVID & conflict promote the growth of other diseases

Coping with COVID and other health risks in zones of conflict, – what challenges are you facing? What lessons and experience can you share with us?

Strengthening local community actions

Empowering and supporting local communities’ helps people address health, survival, development issues, self-governance and more besides. What can we learn from your experience, good or bad? Share it with all of us in any language

Can Organised Labour Make a Difference

Maybe organised labour can have more impact on social progress than donor funded interventions? – the view from Pakistan

Contribute to the effective promotion of environmental rights and environmental health

Addressing the underlying factors that affect peoples’ lives and livelihoods

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